Internet & Phone Services

Internet Services

High speed fiberoptic internet service is available from CenturyLink.

Satellite broadband internet access within the ranch can be problematic due to the many pine trees and ridges that can block the signal.

Spring Creek with comm towers
Spring Creek on the farthest ridge where the communications towers are located.

Service is provided by two radio frequency providers if you are in direct line of sight with their tower. The speeds available from these providers are typically at the low end of their offering 3 – 5 Mbps. These providers are:

  • AlignTec, (970) 375-2771,
  • Bob Winkler, (970) 759-9965

Satellite service is also available from:

  • Hughesnet
  • Viasat

Phone Services

Landline phone service is available from CenturyLink.

Cell phone service is available from Verizon and ATT. Most residents report that reception is better with Verizon.

Before you contract with any service provider, we recommend that you have them confirm that you are able to maintain a good signal free from obstruction by ridges, trees, or structures.