Internet & Phone Services

Internet Services

 Fiber or Copper (Phone Line) Internet

Internet service through a standard phone line is available from CenturyLink, and internet speeds are dependent upon your proximity to the fiber link at the South end of the Ranch.

Spring Creek with comm towers
Spring Creek on the farthest ridge where the AlignTec communications towers are located.


This service is provided by two radio frequency providers; however, you must be in direct line of sight with their towers.  These providers are:

Satellite Internet

Satellite service is also available from:

Phone Services

Landline phone service is available from CenturyLink.

Cell phone service is available from Verizon and ATT. Most residents report that reception is better with Verizon.

Before you contract with any service provider, we recommend that you have them confirm that you are able to maintain a good signal free from obstruction by ridges, trees, or structures.