Governing Documents

The following documents set forth the privileges and restrictions regarding ownership and residence within Timberdale Ranch. The Timberdale Ranch Owners Association Board of Directors is updating and revising these documents to ensure that the Association is in compliance with Colorado state law, operating with best practices for homeowner associations, and have policies and procedures that protect our homes and community.

Flower garden
A flower garden brightens the front of a Timberdale residence.

CC&R’s (Recorded 10/2/2020)
This is a link to the amended Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s), approved by the Association and recorded on October 2, 2020.

Architectural Standards and Rules (Approved 05/16/2020)
Provides the general guidelines regarding the design and construction of new structures as well as improvements to properties. The role of the Architectural Standards Committee is explained.

Architectural Guide Checklist (Approved 05/16/2020)
Helps home owners outline the details of their construction project to the Architectural Standards Committee..

Responsible Governance Policies (Approved 03/03/2020)
The State of Colorado requires homeowners associations to implement Responsible Governance Policies, that outline the rules and procedures for governing the business of the association including such things as adoption and amendment of policies,  maintenance of association records, conduct of meetings and enforcement of association rules.

Bylaws (Approved 05/16/2020)
Specifies how the Association operates regarding membership, voting, the Board of Directors, meetings, and members.

Rules and Regulations (Revised 07/22/2021)
Regulates issues regarding animals, wildlife, trash, firearms and so forth.