New Recycle Program and Dumpster

Two improvements were recently made to our Timberdale trash program. The dumpster on Circle Drive was upgraded from 6 yards to 8 yards in size, and a cardboard recycling bin was placed near the dumpster on Pine Lane. 

The recycling bin is currently for CARDBOARD ONLY, and all boxes must be broken down. This is a pilot recycling program running from now through the end of the year and, if successful, it will become a part of Timberdale’s overall trash program in January, 2021.

A special acknowledgement to TROA member Jim Tencza and his HDS Freight Services for the effort in initiating the cardboard recycling program and for sponsoring the pilot recycling program through year end. Also, great appreciation goes to board members Brad Treadwell and especially Mark Blaskovich for bringing the recycling program and trash improvements to fruition so expeditiously. The Board passed this program on a unanimous vote.

The Bears Are Still Here

A bear was spotted in the ranch a few days ago. Make sure you don’t have anything around your house that might attract them such as a trash can that can be broken into, pet food, bird feeders, etc.

And close and lock the dumpster door when you drop off your trash.

Recycling Program Update

Timberdale Ranch began a recycling pilot last fall for cardboard only. This pilot was successful, so the Board agreed to continue the cardboard-only recycling program through calendar year 2021.

Recently, the recycling program was expanded to include a pilot program that includes all recyclable materials accepted by TDL. Residents received an email the week of February 8th outlining how to engage in the current recycling program.

If residents have questions, please contact us at or visit .