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Timberdale Ranch is located on the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) – the zone of transition between unoccupied land and human development. Insurance companies consider the ranch to be in a high fire risk area.

Many Timberdale Ranch residents participate in fire risk reduction improvements. Regardless of mitigation efforts, however, insurance is not always easy to obtain for homes in a high risk area.

To make matters worse, insurance companies frequently change their policies regarding fire risk in WUI areas. Thus, a company that provided insurance for a resident one year, may not offer that insurance the next year.

Timberdale Ranch home
A Timberdale Ranch home.

In the summer of 2017, we asked residents who attempted to purchase insurance in the previous few months about their experiences. They reported they had contacted agents for Farmers (2), State Farm (3), Travelers (1), and USAA (1). Some reported that Farmers, State Farm, and Travelers were willing to offer them insurance and others reported that State Farm and USAA refused to provide insurance although several of our residents currently do have insurance from both of these companies.

Two residents reported they were required to pass home inspections prior to obtaining policies. One resident had to remove two ponderosas that were near their propane tank.

Another resident reported that their agent in Dallas agreed to write a policy for their Timberdale Ranch home with coverage and premiums that were much better than anything they could obtain here.

The residents reported wide variances in coverage, premiums, and requirements among the different companies.

The following agents were contacted:

  • Benjamin Frihauf, Farmers Insurance, Durango, 970-247-1292
  • Rocky Mountain Co West, Durango, 970-459-1177
  • Jon Sherer, Farmers Insurance, Durango, 970-259-1202

As of August 2017, we believe that residents should be able to obtain insurance for their home from one of these agents.

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