Wildfire Safety

Life in the WUI

Timberdale Ranch is located within the wildlife-urban interface (WUI), an area where people are living close to natural terrain and flammable vegetation, and where high potential for wildland fire exists.

For the past few decades, human development in the interface has increased. Homes, businesses and subdivisions are being built on forested lands that have historically seen regular fires. Firefighters have worked hard to control fires which has had a negative effect on functioning ecosystems. Wildfires are a natural part of our environment and help restore and maintain healthy forests.

Building on fire
Building fire in the pine forest just south of Timberdale Ranch.

Consequently, our goal within Timberdale Ranch is not to try to eliminate wildfires but instead to learn how to live safely with wildfires. Buildings and the surrounding property should be adapted so that, when fires burn, firefighters can do their job safely to protect our homes while allowing fire to take its natural course. Allowing natural fires to occur will help create a healthier forest and ultimately reduce the risks associated with large and unmanageable fires.

Timberdale Ranch has been a member of Firewise of Southwest Colorado since 2012. The Firewise program empowers residents to work collaboratively with neighbors and their association to take proactive steps to protect their home against the threat of wildfire.

In 2012, the board developed a Community Wildfire Protection Plan that outlined our fire risk and the activities that we planned to help reduce that risk. Subsequently, the association has been active in securing funding on an annual basis from various sources that support residents’ fire risk mitigation efforts.

For information on making your home safer from wildfire danger, this brochure on Protecting Your Home from Wildfire is a good place to start.

For information regarding fire mitigation activities here in the ranch and how you can take advantage of them, contact Dave Butler at cdavebutler@gmail.com or (970) 946-5907.