A Timberdale Ranch Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Location:        ZOOM meeting via the internet

Date:               05/16/20

Time:              10:00 AM

Directors Present

Tim Block, Lucy Bryson, Jamie Enns, Elizabeth Lutes, Brad Treadwell

Guests Present

Gary and Cathy Macklin, Gary Gurholt, Marion Robinson, Simone Crouchelli, Stephen and Claudia McDaniel, Mark Blaskovich and Dave Butler


1.    Elizabeth discussed the appointment of Dave Butler to the Board to fill Jim Tencza’s vacant position.  He will serve on the Board through the 2020 annual meeting and possibly beyond if he chooses to.

a.    A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved.

b.    Dave Butler is now on the Board.


2.    Financial Report by Jamie

a.    Three unimproved lot owners are late paying their annual dues.  Jamie has been contacting them with no success in collecting the money.  Dave will help him with this since he has dealt with this issue in the past.

b.    Our biggest expense so far this budget cycle has been the tractor.  The snow plow was included in this figure.

c.     Legal expenses have averaged a few hundred dollars per month.  This expense should become lower now that we have the Governing Documents complete.

d.    The expenses for the ranch house include the new heater and repairs we’ve done.

e.    TROA has $14,858 in checking and $25,130 in savings as of May 1, 2020

f.      Our bank accounts with Community Banks require 2 signatures.  We need to update who these Board members are since Jim resigned.  Jamie made the motion to remove Jim Tencza and add Elizabeth Lutes as a signer.  The motion was seconded and it passed unanimously.


3.    Roads Report by Brad

a.    Brad is committed to not spending more than $6,000 in this current budget cycle.  So far TROA has bought 3 loads of gravel costing less than $1,000.

b.    Dumpster misuse has been an issue lately. We’re going to keep a close eye on them over the next couple of months to see if this is a result of the pandemic or if the community is just producing more trash.  There has been quite a bit of construction debris which isn’t allowed so we’ll try to figure out who’s doing that.  Please don’t leave your garbage outside the dumpster.


4.    Fire Mitigation Report by Jamie

a.    Our subdivision received a grant this year for the first time in a few years to do Fire Mitigation work.

b.    Jamie has been speaking with Preston about doing this work for TROA and private homeowners.  A question came up regarding insurance for Preston and the liability aspect for TROA since he works for us.  Jamie volunteered to look into this with our insurance company.

c.     The TROA common area fire mitigation estimate is $5,300 total.  The actual expense to TROA would be $2,650 as the grant pays half.

d.    At a later date we’ll discuss reimbursement rates for Preston when he’s doing fire mitigation work on TROA common area.


5.    Review and approve Governing Documents – Elizabeth

a.    Architectural Rules and Standards

                                       i.    Dave suggested modifying Section 2/#1 to include common areas as well as roads with regards to trenching. We all agreed and made this change.

                                      ii.    A motion was made, seconded and the new ARS were unanimously approved.

b.    By-Laws

                                       i.    The new By-Laws were voted on and approved at our last Board meeting but we agreed to modify them to add the clause that a majority vote of all homeowners present at the annual meeting will be required to change them. 

1.    A motion was made, seconded and the change to the new By-Laws was unanimously approved.


6.    Rules and Regulations

a.    Dave suggested we need to include a rule concerning ATV use.  We will take wording from old ARS and add it to the new Rules and Regulation document.

b.    Brad is concerned about allowing chickens and the risk involved in attracting bears.  We all agreed to allow chickens but will modify Rule #3 to address this issue.

c.     A motion was made, seconded and we unanimously approved the new Rules and Regulations subject to modifications discussed at meeting.


7.    CCR’s

a.    With regards to a discussion and agreement reached by the Board at our last meeting, Jamie made a Motion for waiver so Bryson’s can continue short-term rentals.

Whereas Philip and Lucy Bryson (hereafter referred to as the Bryson’s), the owners of the property at 935 Hilltop North Drive (hereafter referred to as the property), have been renting a part of their dwelling at this address on a short-term basis for 4 years and whereas there is no record of any disturbance or nuisance caused by this rental and whereas the Bryson’s require their guests to use the private road that runs north from the property and connects with CR 502 resulting in no impact to the Timberdale Ranch roads caused by their guests and whereas the Bryson’s dispose of any guest generated refuse in Durango and therefore don't use the Timberdale Ranch trash removal service and whereas the Bryson’s are always at the property when they have guests in order to address any issue that might arise now therefore I move that the Bryson’s are granted permission to continue to offer this rental service regardless of any current or future rules, regulations or covenants enacted for the Timberdale Ranch owners.

Furthermore, I move that no violation of any of the rules or regulations or covenants of Timberdale Ranch shall be deemed to have occurred with respect to this matter. Granting this permission does not waive any of the terms and provisions of the covenants, rules or regulations for any purpose except as to the particular property and particular provision covered by this waiver.

b.    Dave suggested we add wording in F3 to address what type of structure is allowed for a second dwelling.  We all agreed to add the last sentence from F2 to F3 (changing permanent dwelling to secondary dwelling) with this change.

c.     Subject to these changes the CCR’s were approved by the Board.


8.    The last item for discussion was how to handle the voting process for the new CCR’s

a.    We agreed to mail the CCR’s with a cover letter and a ballot.  Each Board member will have a group of homeowners they will be responsible for communicating with.  We also discussed the possibility of having an open house type forum where a few Board members would be present to handle any questions. Elizabeth will draft the cover letter and work with another homeowner on the most frequently asked questions.

b.    We will have a working session to determine how to split up the list of homeowners to Board members.


9.    Working Session is scheduled for 5/26/2020 at 6:00 PM on ZOOM