Timberdale Ranch Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Location:        Timberdale Ranch, CR 504, CO

Date:               08/13/2019

Time:              6:34 PM

Directors Present

Tim Block, Lucy Bryson, Jamie Enns, Kelly Jesse, Elizabeth Lutes, Jim Tencza, Brad Treadwell

Guests Present

Jason Kaminsky, Cindy Moore, Geoff Moore

1.    New Business

a.    As the meeting started Mr. Moore asked if he could begin by expressing his concerns. Jim Tencza gave him permission to do so.

                  I.    He expressed concern that Lucy Bryson was appointed to the board without any notice to the home owners. He alleged that Lucy’s appointment resulted in a majority block of directors that diminishes the representation of other areas of the ranch.

                II.    Several board members responded that Lucy’s appointment (to replace Dick Suficool who recently resigned for health reasons) was standard practice and consistent with the Covenants and By-laws of the ranch. They emphasized there was no intent to create a block of directors from a particular section of the ranch.

               III.    Further, several Board members affirmed that Lucy’s appointment, while discussed via email, was affirmed at the Annual Meeting and at the Board Meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting. The Board acknowledged that if Lucy’s appointment to the Board was not captured in the minutes of the Annual Meeting, the minutes would be amended to reflect that information.

              IV.    The Board is committed to civil and courteous interaction during its meetings. Any interaction not consistent with this commitment will not be tolerated by the board. Any guest who acts in a hostile and aggressive manner in the future will be enjoined to leave the meeting.

                V.    We appreciate the concern for the proper governance of the neighborhood Mr. and Mrs. Moore exercised and hope they will continue to work with the Board of Directors to address the needs facing Timberdale Ranch and the wider community.

              VI.    Jim Tencza excused himself from the meeting during this discussion. The board continued the meeting with the remaining directors.

2.    Appointment of Officers

a.    Since Jim Tencza was not present, the board decided to table this agenda item until a future meeting.

3.    Caretaker Transition

a.    This item was requested by Jim Tencza. Because of his absence the board agreed to work on this issue by email.

4.    Snow Removal

a.    Brad Treadwell brought up the issue of the ranch caretaker doing snow removal for residents’ driveways. He itemized the major concerns about this including wear and tear on ranch equipment and risk of equipment not being operational when needed for ranch maintenance.

b.    The board agreed with Brad’s concerns and agreed that ranch equipment should not be used for regular clearing of residents’ driveways.

5.    Lot #40 Site

a.    Jason Kaminsky described the lot line conflict between him and the Hedemarks on lot 39.

b.    He asked the board to contact the Hedemarks in response to the survey that shows their shed is well over the Kaminsky property line, as well as the 7.5 foot easement required by Timberdale Ranch’s covenants, and the 10 foot set-back required by La Plata County.

c.     Kelly reported that Mrs Hedemark has requested that she have access to Jason’s site plan. He responded to her that the board is reviewing her request.

d.    The board is soliciting legal advice on the role of the Board of Directors with regards to this dispute.

6.    Next Meeting

a.    The date for the next meeting was not scheduled.

7.    Meeting Adjourned

a.    The meeting was adjourned at 8:01 PM.