Timberdale Ranch Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Location:        Timberdale Ranch, CR 504, CO

Date:               11/13/2018

Time:              6:00 PM


Directors: Dave Butler, Jamie Enns, Kelly Jesse, Elizabeth Lutes, Dick Sufficool, Jim Tencza, Brad Treadwell

Guests: Jay Blow (caretaker), Jason Kaminski, Pam McCarthy

1.    Financial

a)    Dave reported on TROA’s current financial status. The key highlights for the period from September 5 through December November 13, 2018 were:

·         Insurance costs have increased due to the addition of officers’ liability and workers compensation insurance

·         Gas royalties continue to be strong providing about $1,000 a month income

·         Extra ranch costs were a new refrigerator and water tank for the caretaker’s residence, and replacing the damaged mailbox

b)    Based on his preliminary research, Dave informed the board that the waste removal company WCA may be able to offer us the same level of service as WM for approximately $6,000 versus the $12,000 we are currently paying. Dave will continue to look into this.

c)    Jay was authorized to purchase a full tank of diesel fuel in preparation for winter.

2.    Roads

a)    Brad offered his proposal for next year’s road work. Activities include re-topping sections of Chimney Drive and Pine Lane and adding material to Hilltop North to help bind the gravel going west to Lutes’s and east down to Bynum’s. The board approved this plan.

b)    Brad requested funds (approximately $1,000) to purchase a roller to help compact new road surfaces. After some discussion, it was determined that the roller would not be heavy enough to help. The board decided the $1,000 Brad requested should be used to purchase additional loads of “reject sand” to help bind with the gravel. [Note: the day after this meeting, Brad checked the size of the roller and determined it was in fact large enough for our purposes and the board approved its purchase via email.]

3.    Fire Mitigation

a)    Jamie reviewed next year’s fire mitigation plan. An application was submitted in October requesting funds for twelve residences and four right-of-ways. Jamie expects to learn the outcome of this request in February.

b)    The proposed budget includes $3,720 for fire mitigation which would allow us to work on two Timberdale right-of-ways. Dave proposed we move $1,500 from the fire mitigation budget to the road maintenance budget providing $2,220 for fire mitigation and $18,000 for road maintenance. Then, if we are able to save $6,000 or so on waste removal costs, we will restore the fire mitigation budget to $3,720. The board agreed to this proposal.

4.    Annual Letter

a)    Jim listed the major sections of this year’s annual letter.

b)    Brad, Dave, Jamie, and Kelly agreed to submit to Jim a paragraph or two on their respective responsibilities. Everyone should get their sections to Jim in time for him to send out a draft letter just after Thanksgiving.

c)    Jamie will update the directory and send to Jim.

d)    Jim will update the list of board members.

5.    Guest Houses

a)    The board held a spirited discussion regarding guest houses defined as secondary living units detached from the primary residence. The key issue is the impact on the pastoral, rural environment that we cherish as well as the increased use of Timberdale resources without reimbursement.

b)    Also, there is the question of whether separate living units should be allowed at all since the covenants specifically refer to Timberdale being a single-family development. Article II Section 5 refers to each lot being “the site of a single-family residence.” Furthermore, Article III Section 1 mandates “No more than one detached single-family dwelling house may be constructed on any lot.” The issue then becomes if and when does having guests or renters in a separate unit on your property violate these strictures.

c)    Concerns expressed by various board members and guests during the discussion include:

·         Increased use of roads and waste removal services

·         The potential impact on property values

·         Addition of rules and regulations on home owners

·         Need for more enforcement of rules

·         Separate units could be allowed for guests but are not to be rented

·         Do county regulations already prohibit additional units on Timberdale lots

·         Should there be a limit on the amount of time that such a unit can be occupied

·         There are multiple lots that have separate living units already.

d)    Jim proposed and the board agreed that they table this discussion until the next board meeting in March in order to research how other communities have managed this issue. Jim will also research what the county rules are regarding accessory dwelling units.

6.    Cable Laying Activities

a)    Regarding the recent trenching activities that many residents have observed, Jim informed the board that Century Link is upgrading their infrastructure by laying fiber optic cable along CR 504 to just inside the Timberdale Ranch gate.

b)    This does not mean that fiber cable will be available at Timberdale homes at this time.

a)    It’s possible DSL service may be available over the telephone lines that currently link to our homes.

7.    Next Meeting

a)    The next meeting of the TROA board of directors is scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 6:00 pm.

8.    Adjourn

a)    The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 pm.