Timberdale Ranch Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Location:        Timberdale Ranch, CR 504, CO

Date:               September 04, 2018

Time:               6:00 PM


Directors: Dave Butler, Jamie Enns, Kelly Jesse, Elizabeth Lutes, Dick Sufficool, Jim Tencza, Brad Treadwell

Guests:  Cathy Enns, Sheldon Grylls-Murphy, Jason Kaminsky, David Malanphy, Peggy Malanaphy, Pam McCarthy, Geoff Moore, Bernard Murphy, Marion Robinson, Erika Svor


1)      Inappropriate Language on Signs

a.      Several residents have expressed concern regarding signs on lot 12 with inappropriate language hand written on them.

b.      Some of the guests wondered about the need for “No Trespassing” and “Private Property” signs fearing they might create barriers between neighbors. Jim explained that property owners have the right to put signs on their property for liability reasons.

c.       Jim agreed to contact the owners of lot 12 and discuss the concerns that were expressed with the intent of ensuring the situation does not escalate.

2)      Assessment Increase

a.      The board approved a $45 increase in the Association’s annual assessment to offset the increasing cost of garbage removal.

3)      Storage Containers

a.      The board agreed that storage containers (also known as Zircons, cargo containers, etc.) are prohibited in the ranch except that one container may be placed on the property for one twelve-month period during home construction.

b.      Dave agreed to write an amendment to ASC guidelines section 3 and send to the board for approval.

c.       The board also discussed revising Architectural Guidelines Section 2 to include structures less than 200 square feet. No decision was made.

4)      Repair and Maintenance of Hilltop North

a.      The board agreed that Brad and Jay will inspect the road from Bynum’s down to Blaskovich’s and will determine what can be done this year to make the road usable and safe. This may include adding gravel, crowning, improving drainage, etc.

b.      Brad will determine if a long-term solution is reasonable and, if so, will budget for it next year.

5)      Electric Fencing on Lot 6

a.      Erika was requested to find the records of the latest survey of her property and determine where her property line along Circle Drive is.

b.      Based on this information, Brad will determine if the fence needs to be moved and whether the fence can be put along Erika’s property line or if the 7.5 foot easement needs to be accounted for.

c.       The board requested that the situation be resolved by the April/May 2019 board meeting.

6)      Use of Firearms

a.      Erika reported to the board that recently several people were shooting at prairie dogs from McLeod’s property.

b.      The Protective Covenants prohibit shooting firearms within the ranch.

c.       Jim agreed to contact Jim McLeod.

7)      Election of Officers

a.      The board unanimously agreed to the following positions for the current term:

                                                              i.      Jim Tencza – President

                                                             ii.      Dick Suficool – Vice-president

                                                           iii.      Dave Butler – Treasurer

                                                           iv.      Jamie Enns – Secretary

                                                             v.      Kelly Jesse – Chairperson, Architectural Standards Committee

8)      Treasurer’s Report

a.      Dave distributed the latest financial statement to the board and reported that spending is on track with the budget.

9)      Executive Session

a.      The board discussed the caretaker’s contract for the current term. Jay accepted it with a minor addition regarding Workmen’s Compensation.

Next Meeting

                        Tuesday, November 13.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.