Timberdale Ranch Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Location:††††††† Timberdale Ranch, CR 504, CO

Date:†††††††††††††† 06/12/2018

Time:††††††††††††† 6:00 PM


Directors: Dave Butler, Jamie Enns, Kelly Jesse, Dick Sufficool, Jim Tencza, Brad Treadwell

Absent: Jan Nethers (deceased)

Guests: Jay Blow, Geoff Moore, Jason Kaminsky


1)    Roads

a.    Brad provided an update on this yearís road work. Brad said the total cost of this work was $16,980. Brad discussed his experiment with putting mag chloride on Chimney hill. He said it didnít make much difference. The board discussed contracting for a water truck to wet the road which is necessary to properly blade the washboard. Jim will investigate how much water would be required for this.

2)    Fire Mitigation

a.    Jamie reported on this yearís fire mitigation activities.

b.    The board agreed that Jamie should notify Swift Brush Cutters that we want to postpone their work until we have had sufficient rainfall to reduce the potential fire risk.

c.    Jamie described his ideas for putting Timberdale Ranch on the 4 Corners Back Country Horsemenís list of emergency housing for horses. Dave and Brad said that only the arenas would be suitable and the big one could handle about ten horses and the small one just one horse. The horsesí owners would be responsible for food and water for the horses.




3)    Maintenance

a.    The board discussed plans for haying. Due to the lack of rain, itís not sure that there will be anything worth cutting. Jamie said he had drafted a waiver for this operation and would send it to Dave and Jim to review.

b.    The board discussed purchasing a new lawn mower for the grass around the caretakerís residence. Jay agreed to use his own mower.

c.    Dick reported that he has completed replacing the handrails on the front stairs of the Timberdale office.

d.    Dave and Jay reported they will start working on replacing the front porch on the caretakerís residence.

e.    Brad informed the board that there is an auction coming up in Ignacio that has a chain/drag harrow for sale. Brad proposed that he check into this and if the harrow is large enough he should get it. The board authorized Brad to spend up to $1,000 to purchase the harrow if he deems it to be appropriate.

f.     The board discussed installing a water tank near the caretakerís residence to be used to keep the grass around the house alive and looking decent. Jason said he was aware of a source for several used tanks for sale and the board authorized him to spend up to $750 to purchase a 1,550 gallon tank

4)    Owners/Residents List

a.    Dave will send his current list of owners/residents to Jamie and Jim. Jamie will update the Timberdale directory and the email distribution list.

b.    Dave will identify the residents/owners who want to receive communications by hardcopy mail.

5)    Architectural Committee

a.    Dave reported on committee activity:

                                          i.    Kaminskyís site plan approved.

                                        ii.    Coxís 12 x 12 storage shed approved

b.    Dave will contact Pam McCarthy regarding the construction on her property.

c.    Dave agreed to continue as chairperson for the remainder of this term. After the election in August we will decide board membersí roles.

d.    Jason Kaminsky indicated that he is interested in running for the board and is interested in working on the Architectural committee

6)    Annual Meeting

a.    The board discussed logistics for the annual meeting. We agreed that we shouldnít have a charcoal barbeque due to fire restrictions and instead we should have several residents bring their gas barbeques. Jim said he would arrange this.

b.    Jim distributed the draft of the invitation letter. Dave reminded the board that we agreed to discuss raising the home ownersí dues at the annual meeting and that it should be mentioned in the invitation letter. Jim said he would revise the letter and send it to the members for approval.

7)    Finances

a.    Dave reviewed the finances as of June 12, 2018.

Next Meeting

1)    The next board meeting is the annual meeting scheduled for August 4, 2018.


1)    The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm.