Timberdale Ranch Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Location:        Timberdale Ranch, CR 504, CO

Date:               11/07/2017

Time:              6:00 PM


Directors: Dave Butler, Jamie Enns, Kelly Jesse, Jan Nethers, Dick Sufficool, Jim Tencza, Brad Treadwell, Jay Blow (caretaker)

Guests: None

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.


1)    Roads

a)    Brad described several options for maintaining Timberdale’s roads.

i)      Brad reported that during 2014 through 2017 our costs have been between $4,750 and $5,000 per 1,000 linear feet.

ii)     He proposed three alternatives for Chimney hill in addition to continuing to maintain the hill as we have been for the past few years.

(1)  Asphalt—this is the most expensive option and since the price has been increasing significantly, Brad did not get a current price.

(2)  Magnesium chloride—cost for applying from entrance to Badger would be around $6,500 including adding base as necessary.

(3)  Grading and compacting—McCarty said he would grade/compact all the roads in Timberdale for $1,750.

b)    The board agreed to continue using McCarty to add base along with appropriate grading and compacting as needed.

c)    Dave recommended, and the board agreed, to close the end of Badger down to Bobcat

d)    Dick asked Jay to rake the road after he grades it to pick up the larger rocks.

e)    Jamie agreed to take on the role of board member responsible for snow plowing. The board reviewed the main plowing responsibilities with Jamie.

2)    Fire Mitigation

a)    Jamie reviewed this year’s fire mitigation activities and status. Jamie agreed to call Pam Wilson at FireWise regarding residents’ refunds.

b)    Jamie agreed to get estimates from Fire Smart and Swift Creek Brush Cutters for next year’s mitigation plans.

c)    The board agreed to not apply for next year’s grant funds to help purchase a chipper. Residents are reminded that FireWise still offers a 50% rebate for chipper rental.

d)    The board agreed allow residents to rent the association’s brush hog for a to-be-determined fee. Residents must provide their own tractor and sign a liability waiver. Jesse Kelly agreed to manage this process.

3)    Finances and Budget

a)    Dave reviewed the financial report as of November, 2017

4)    Annual Letter

a)    Jim discussed the contents of the annual letter and requested inputs from board members.

5)    Architecture

a)    Jan reported that a prospective property owner is proposing to build a multi-sided house and has asked if there are any restrictions regarding this.

Next Meeting

1)    The next board meeting was scheduled for Mar 20, 2018.


1)    The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.