Timberdale Ranch Owners Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

Location:        Timberdale Ranch, CR 504, CO

Date:               08/05/2017

Time:              11:30 AM


Members: Jay Blow, Dave Butler, Simone Crouchelli, Cathy Enns, Jamie Enns, Joe Garrett, Sheldon Grylls-Murphy, Gary Gurholt, Sherry Gurholt, Cathy Macklin, Gary Macklin, Doris Malanaphy, Mike Malanaphy, Pam McCarthy, Del McDaniel, Linda McDaniel, Dan McNamara, Nanette McNamara, David Miller, Karen Miller, Cindy Moore, Geoff Moore, Bernard Murphy, Jan Nethers, Pam Nichols, Tim Nichols, Ken Pepion, Leslyn Sisco, Dick Sufficool, Lorraine Sufficool, Jenny Tencza, Jim Tencza, Brad Treadwell, Peggy Treadwell

Guests: Paul Valdez (Upper Pine River Fire Protection District)


1)    Introductions (Jim Tencza)

a)    Jim introduced the members of the board and Jay Blow the ranch caretaker.

b)    He acknowledged contributions made by several Timberdale residents.

c)    He also introduced several new members: Dan & Nanette McNamara, Cindy & Geoff Moore, and Pam & Tim Nichols.

2)    Roads & Common Areas Report (Brad Treadwell)

a)    Brad summarized the list of roads and culverts that have been improved over the past year and offered suggestions on how the damage to them can be minimized.

b)    Brad addressed the issue of driving vehicles at more than 20 miles per hour. Several residents mentioned sections of roads that can be particularly treacherous including the intersection of Chimney and Pine, the intersection of Chimney and Badger, the intersection of Elk and Chimney in winter, and the western end of Badger where it drops down to Bobcat.

3)    Architecture Committee Report (Jan Nethers)

a)    Jan reported that there were two new constructions during the last year.

4)    Fire Evacuation Guide (Jan Nethers)

a)    Jan provided a brief set of suggestions and guidelines for evacuating in the event of a wildfire. Jamie committed to posting this document on our website.

b)    A resident asked how they can be notified in the event of an emergency. Jamie committed to informing the community about the Code Red app and how to sign up for it. Another resident suggested we provide information to the community about evacuating with pets and livestock.

5)    Financial Report (Dave Butler)

a)    Dave provided the budget vs. actual statement as of August 04, 2017.

6)    Fire Mitigation Report (Jamie Enns)

a)    Jamie reported on the status of the on-going mitigation efforts.

7)    Home Owners Insurance (Jamie Enns)

a)    Jamie described a survey that he conducted with our newest residents regarding their experiences obtaining home owners insurance. He committed to providing a summary of the results of this survey.

8)    Miscellaneous Items (Jim Tencza)

a)    Jim explained that dogs must be under control and not causing a disturbance in the community.

b)    Jim reminded residents that ATVs should not be used for joyriding in the neighborhood.

c)    Jim informed the meeting that we have a new regulation stipulating that a residence can have no more than three horses. This has been added to the Timberdale Ranch Architectural Guidelines and Standards which can be viewed on our website.

d)    Bernard Murphy recommended residents sign up for CPR classes that are held in Durango on a regular basis.

9)    Facebook Report (Cathy Enns)

a)    Cathy informed the group about our Facebook page and invited everyone to join by emailing her at cathy.enns@gmail.com and she will add you to the list.

10) TROA Board of Directors Election (Jamie Enns)

a)    The three year terms of Jan Nethers and Dick Sufficool expire this year.

b)    Both of these members have offered to continue for another term.

c)    There were no other nominations put forward.

d)    Jan and Dick were re-elected by unanimous agreement.

11) Slash Pile Burning (Paul Valdez)

a)    Paul Valdez from the Upper Pine River Fire Protection District gave a brief lecture and demonstration on the proper and safe way to burn a slash pile.

12) Adjourn

a)    The meeting was adjourned at 12:35 pm.